Summer Camp

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We would like to inform you that the 2021 Galeb Summer Camp will be held in Vranjačka Banja from August 10.  until August 17. 2021.  for cadets, juniors and seniors and from August 17. until August 24. 2021. for kids.

This popular touristic location in Serbia is 220 km away from Belgrade (the nation’s capital) and full of several fascinating attractions.

All training for cadets, juniors and seniors are led by Dragan Jović with the assistance of the other coaches from TKD Galeb together with Iranian coaches Seyed Kalife and Reza Imanzade. Coaches for children are from TKD Galeb club, one of the best athletes and now coaches in this club. We are also expecting guest coaches.

Dragan Jović is a two-time winner of Best coach award in the selection of the Olympic committee of Serbia. In 2017. he was chosen for Best taekwondo coaches in the selection of World Taekwondo. At World championship 2017. Dragan Jović won the best coach award in the women’s division.

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 100 for kids and 200 for older group.

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